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About us:

1. What is StarOriental?
StarOriental is the largest and only professional eastern star image database available on the internet today.

2. Where is StarOriental's image come from?
Our image come from various sources, including closed newspaper/magazine's film stock, special contract photographer, bought from studio directly, etc.

3. How much images do StarOriental have?
As of 1st Mar 1999, we have over 500,000 frames on hand and approx. 150,000 digital images available online. Our film stock is converted at sequence base. But new scenes are converted with priority. We are actively looking for more quantity of film stock and major investment to boost our site feature and production speed.

4. What is the quality of your images?
Although images are converted at 2700dpi 36bit quality, it's around 60MB size, images available on the net are SVGA resolution, it's around 800x600 pixel, ~100kB size for general internet reading use.

5. What is the rating of your site, does it all family suitable?
Yes, our image database don't contain any nude images which are consider as adult nature by the general public.

6. Can I use the image anywhere I want?
You may use the downloaded image for any personal and non-profit usage. Please click here for publishing propose.

7. What is Digimarc watermark, I saw this word in every your web pages?
Digimarc watermark is something like your paper money's watermark but it's the watermarking system in the digital world. It cannot be read in general but it can be used as an identifier to tell that the image is our property. Technically, it's a repeat pattern forged on the image that cannot be easily read by human eye but read by many leading computer image editing software, including Adobe PhotoshopR, Adobe ImageReadyTM, Corel DRAWTM, Corel PHOTO-PAINTTM, Micrografx Graphics SuiteTM, Micrografx WebtricityTM and Micrografx Picture PublisherTM, etc.cause of it's repeatly characteristic, it cannot be removed even if crop, parity copy or resize.

8. Can I join without credit card?
Currently, we only accept credit card transaction via internet billing company, they have over 2 years solid experience on internet secured online billing and over 1,000,000 success transaction before.

9. How to cancel the service?
Only the per month base recurrently billing plan user need to cancel their service, half year and one year plan user don't need to cancel their service as their account will terminate after the period. If you are per month base recurrently billing plan user, simply complete the contact form available HERE with your transaction number and/or subscription number with your request at less 3-7 days before the day your current subscription period end if you don't want to be charged in the next billing period, you will receive a confirm reply after your cancel request processed.

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