Subscription Options

Subscription Detail:

1. StarOriental image database is running a coupon access scheme.
2. Currently, over 80% images cost 1 coupon only.
3. All images in What's New area are 0 coupon for monthly subscription plan.(not include half year plan)
4. Private outdoor, studio and pageant images cost 1-15 coupons.
5. Please read our Support and FAQ webpage for other general information.

Credit Card Secured Online Ordering:

Immidiately access to member zone after your credit card approved!

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Pay By Paypal: (recommand to use!)
*Extra 30 coupons credit to your account only for using paypal option!

Basic Plan:

Normal Price: USD$29.95 per 1 month
Promotion Price: USD$14.95 per 1 month

*350 coupons per month, reload of same image is not count, each month remain's cumulative up to 3000 coupons. (coupons valid until account expired)
*Recurring payment, auto-renewal at the end of each month.
*First time sign up fee US$5.

Deluxe Plan:

Normal Price: USD$89.95 for 3 months
Promotion Price: USD$59.95 for 3 months

*900 coupons, reload of same image is not count, expired after 3 months period. (coupons valid until account expired)
*non-recurring payment, NOT an auto-renewal account.
*No first time sign up fee.