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Partnership Welcome

A Quick Guide About Us:
  • StarOriental a e-photo warehouse was first launched on 1st June 1998.
  • It's the only and largest Asian star digital image database on the internet specific to the Asia pacific region.
  • We boost our traffic via major Asian web site in the last one year, including top quality sites:
    1. IMS netvigator (over 50% Hongkong dial-up user)
    2. Singtao Electronic Daily (first online Chinese newspaper)
    3. TVB online (largest Chinese TV board cast company)

Partnership Welcome:

1. Free Image Use

All web sites are welcome to use our image in their web pages as meet all of the following requirements:-

  • Maximum number of 100 images to use for every month. Maximum number of 10 images to use concurrently. (i.e. in the same time, max. of 10 images in the same web site and max. 100 new image update in the next 30 days.)
  • StarOriental's Logo must be stamped on every used images (bmp format). As the image are not already stamped with our logo, you must stamp one. StarOriental's Logo may scale with the size of the used images down to 80x31pixel, when the image is 900x600pixel the logo must be 316x19pixel(Standard). As the image are reduced or cropped below 320x240pixel, the same web page must include a readable statement - image from staroriental.com or equivalent in your language. StarOriental Logo may apply to any location on the image. 
  • A used image file namelist should email to us monthly at the 1st week of every following months.

All web site are free to use our images as meet the above conditions. High quality/high traffic web site are welcome to request for a free account and more image to use. Contact us with your web site URL for more information.

2. Banner Exchange

  • Welcome suitable web site, email us for more detail.

3. Others...

  • If you have be interested or have other type of partnership idea, email us to discuss. Please email us at [email protected]

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